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Wear Plates Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Worried about wear and tear of your valuable machinery and equipment? Wear Engineering have solution to all your problems related to wear in parts.

We manufacture our Overlay Chromium Carbide plates under a state- of- the- art automation technique. Our research and development efforts, team expertise, along with experiments in the field result in choosing the correct mix of alloys covering a variety of applications. Chromium carbide Wear plate is considered to be a category of wear plate that is extremely abrasion resistant and is known for its extreme durability particularly under harsh abrasive, erosive and even impact environments.

Wear and tear of machinery – a major issue threatening industry

A significant issue that the industries are commonly faced with and have been facing since several years is the wear and tear of valuable machinery and equipment that are exposed to wear factors like erosion, abrasion and sometimes these are ignited with addition of other wear factors like high temperature, impact . As per statistics, the wear and tear of machinery have impacted approximately 4 per cent of the total output of the economy of the industrially advanced nations. That’s a lot !
This has made the issue a prime factor to keep in mind by top managements while manufacturing, designing and utilizing the different mechanical equipment’s.

Wear plates– types of industries that order them

Any industry dealing in machinery and equipments that have parts prone to abrasion, erosion, impact, mix of these and or conditions of high temperature are required to use Overlay Chromium carbide wear plates. Few examples will be mining, cement, steel, sugar, construction etc.

Wear plates – different types /categories

The various materials used in wear plate manufacturing ,comprises carbides of Chromium, Boron, Tungsten, Niobium, Vanadium, Molybdenum etc.

Wear plates – How they are used

Machinery which is prone to damage by wear and tear, may effectively use wear plates as liners or even fabricate entire parts from wear plates. Wear Plates can easily be mechanically processed in different shapes to form parts. They can be rolled, cut by plasma, welded, bended and formed to suit fabrication requirements.

Our Product Range

Wear Plates

We manufacture Chromium carbide wear plates using our own developed Xtra High Deposit process whereby we can add more alloying elements per square meter of the plate as compared to other processes. Thereby increasing the wear resistance of our plates as compared to any other plates present in the market.

Wear Pipes

Our Wear pipes are manufactured with smallest size as 150 mm and maximum lengths of 3 meter. Thickness of coatings is 3mm. These are manufactured as seamless pipes which helps in ensuring precision in dimensions.The wear resistance of these pipes helps in increasing the life and reducing the changeover time or emergency repairs during working periods

Wear Parts

We fabricate parts using our Xtra high deposit plates & pipes. Our ability to understand wear also provides us a cutting edge to provide you best solutions using hybrids of carbides (Tungsten or chromium ) and Ceramics.

We have existing drawings of various parts and we can fabricate several OEM parts with just part numbers.

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Our Product Applications

Mining Liners

We Produce liners for buckets as ready to weld pieces in standard sizes. These are used widely by Mining and Construction industry today to increase the life of their equipment.

Concrete Mixer Liners

We produce liners for various concrete mixers and we have in house design team which has developed these liners according to the OEM Designs. Please contact us for our ready to use range of Concrete mixer liners.

On site services

We cater to the need of on site jobs like Vertical Roller mills, Bulk hardfacing, Crusher hard facing and build up jobs. With our self designed automation systems we can offer you bulk hard facing in quickest possible times.