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AWP Series of Anti Wear Plates

AWP 99

Our standard plate it is rich primary carbide wear plate with a balance of C-Cr-Si to ensure good abrasion wear resistance and moderate impact. The typical hardness in AWP 99 is 54-58 HRC. This plate is today widely accepted as a standard in several wear parts applications across the globe

AWP 99 Xtra

A high percentage carbides C-Cr-Si-Mn plate and is good against extreme abrasion and erosion wear resistance. The chromium percentage in this plate reaches upto 32 making it ideally suitable for high wear application. The typical hardness is 58-62 HRC


Our tungsten carbide wear plate having tungsten carbide in a matrix of Ni and Fe. This is extreme wear resistance and has proven itself in some of the very high erosive and abrasive wear circumstances. The typical hardness is 62-68 HRC

AWP 99 Nb

A plate with wear resistance at extremely high temperature resistance and performs under extreme conditions where perfect balance of complex carbides helps.Ideal for fan applications. Its typical hardness is 62-65 HRC

AWP 99 NbW

A complex carbide plate with unique combination of Tungsten and Niobium it is ideal for applications where high wear and high temperature resistance is required. The total carbides increase more than 60%. The typical hardness is 60-64  HRC


A unique plate with chromium borides which is today the hardest material available and only next to diamond for its wear resistance properties. These plates are typically only 1-1.5mm thick coatings. Its typical hardness is 62-66 HRC