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Quality Control

Wear resistance is a fast growing field and it demands strict quality control of anti wear products to ensure consistent wear resistance and predictability of part and machinery life.

Wear Engineering as a company today has more than 100 years of combined experience of its senior management in wear plate industry and this gives them an edge over general wear plate manufacturers as we consider ourselves as expert in providing wear resistance.

Our Quality standards are followed and implemented strictly and we ensure the concept of optimum quality for our customers.


Wear Testing

  • ASTM G–65 is the standard
  • Sand is flowed between a rubber wheel and the sample
  • Comparasion test and is best utilized to compare different materials’ performance under the same testing conditions
  • Results: A report detailing the volume loss of the samples against wear

Rockwell testing machine

  • Hardness testing with high accuracy, reliability and durability

Our Quality norms

+ All tests are done under approval from a top certified external testing agency
+ All our products come with test certificates specifying crucial parameters
+ Chemical analysis is done by a top tier lab of the country
+ Strictly follow international quality standards in plate manufacturing