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Wear Resistant Pipe

Pipelines used in factories can be considered to be like the arteries of the human body. When was the last time you checked on your factory machinery and equipment ? Did you find any faulty pipelines or damaged ones that have been hindering the factory operations in between? Then what you need is a system of professionally designed wear pipe for your high wear applications that come with high intensity of hardness and with resistance to abrasion.

These wear pipe are devised to meet the severe or harsh conditions that threaten the life-span of the equipment. They have a protective overlay that prevents them from the damages that they are exposed to.

The ideal wear protection So what form of wear protection is ideal for the prevention of damages and wear and tear to pipelines? Ideally , the form of wear protection should comprise of a sturdy amalgamation of resources or materials that are wear-resistant which protect the process of continuous

As per the specific demand, cast pipe fittings that are composed of sturdy or elastic materials , pipe bends, line pipes and wear parts are well suited to give an effective protection to the pipes against wear and tear. Ideally , while looking for the right kind of wear pipes for your factory, here are some of the factors to check for, in them :

  • Long service life
  • Absence of unscheduled downtime
  • Operation that is free of maintenance every now and then
  • Absence of any production outages
  • Constructed lightweighted so as to facilitate low costs of installation and transport.
  • Operating smoothly with efficient energy-efficient operation on account of the smoothness of the material lining
  • Possessing characteristics that are enabled to prevent blockages and pressure losses.
  • Contamination-free materials in the process of corrosion, or abrasion.
  • Usage of physiologically harmless material that can also suit those applications of food contact
  • Acid-resistant and UV resistant pipe systems so as to also enable functioning under chemical applications.
  • Ability to withstand pressure and temperature

Why use wear resistant pipes

The pipe systems such as hydraulic and pneumatic systems are very prone to extreme forms of wear and tear on account of their kind of usage. Pipelines are subject to a lot of stressful elements and abrasive factors such as sinter dust, sand, ash and so on.

No matter how thick-walled or sturdy they may be such as cast iron or steel ones, they do ultimately wear out even within a short span of time. In case of those pipe bends in which the flow involves greater degree of turbulence, their service life is reduced to a greater degree.

This rate of wear and tear can be kept in control upto a certain point of time through the use of special pipe dimensioning, cycle time, speed of conveyance , special piping design etc, however such measures in most cases might face design constraints. In order to achieve effective results in terms of the plant layout, pipes and pipe bends must be lined via materials that are wear resistant. This will ensure their longevity in terms of their life-span and service.

wear resistant pipe