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Wear Plate Abrasion Resistant Plate

Wear plates

The wear plates comprise of mild steel, flame hardened grades like 4140 or 1045, hardened materials like S7, D2,A2, 4140,1045 or the abrasion resistant grades.(AR400, A514). The wear plates that are abrasion resistant, are so designed that allow to unbolt from the equipment, re-shim and re-grind to the original equipment’s height or have another liner replaced.

What you should know prior to ordering your wear plate It is important to keep in mind the intensity of the plate hardness and the liner’s intent. Remember,
the greater the hardness of the plate , the more durable it is likely to be for service, however , there is the requirement of softer material for some components that are prone to wear and tear prior to the main surface.

Hard facing wear plate

Hard facing Wear Plate has a steel base plate in a mild form upon which lies an overlay deposit which is extremely resistant to abrasion with Open Arc Welding. This overlay deposit comprises of a single or double layers.
As part of the natural phenomenon, the surface may have transverse cracks that occur while welding as a result of stress release .

Chromium is found in high content in wear plates with overlay and for other applications, there are other chemical components included such as Manganese, Vanadium, Niobium, Molybdenum etc.

  • Good weldability
  • Flat & smooth surface
  • Economical production cost
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Good weldability

Choosing the ideal wear plate

Enhance the productivity and performance of your machinery, equipment and wear parts by opting for the right wear plate as per the specific requirements and application.

Look for the following features to put yourself on the right track while choosing the right wear plate:

Wear Plate Features :

  • It should be easy enough for setting up.
  • Reliability
  • Structured by the worker
  • It should allow for elimination of spillage of bulk material
  • It should have a prolong belt life
  • It should prevent the escape of fugitive material
  • It should be able to prevent any damage to the loading area
  • It should offer a range of thicknesses, widths , grades and types
Abrasion resistant steel wear plate