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Why Wear Engineering?

What differentiates Wear Engineering from other Overlay Carbide Wear Plate manufacturers?

Comprehensive Raw Material Purchase Systems

All the minerals and metal powders we use are sourced from top global suppliers
Each lot is tested and then approved to use
A clear track is maintained for every raw material used and plate produced by it
Key Elements like Ferro chrome, Tungsten, Vanadium, Niobium, Molybdenum and few others are sourced from the most established global supplier of that element.

Modern Manufacturing Technology

Every different thickness of overlay requires a specific production process and in some cases even the machinery changes completely. All Slim and thin plates are produced in shells while all thicker plates are produced on flat horizontal CNCs
Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) with strict production instructions are maintained

Strict Postproduction Quality control

Each plate or pipe or part can be tracked to the last bit of raw material
Each plate is tested according to the specifications of that grade
Each part undergoes dimension inspection as per the engineering drawings.
For some Specific applications, our final jobs undergo even more tests which are required for the specific wear resistance required by those applications

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